Coronavirus: What business pros need to know

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a strain of coronavirus that was discovered after an outbreak in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Since its discovery, the coronavirus has spread to almost every country, causing businesses and schools to close, disrupting supply chains, and forcing many employees to work remotely from their homes.

These TechRepublic assets include news about which tech conferences have been canceled or moved to virtual platforms, related cybersecurity attacks, remote work tips, tracking and predicting how the coronavirus will spread, and the impacts on the tech and healthcare industries and their companies and employees. This article will be updated as new content is published.

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Coronavirus: Tracking and predicting how it will spread

COVID-19: How artificial intelligence can help companies plan for the future

Karen Roby speaks with Dataminr’s Jen Jones about the role of artificial intelligence in the coronavirus crisis and why information is key to managing emerging risks.

COVID-19: How cell phones are helping to track future cases

Why cell phones can hold the key to tracking future cases of COVID-19 with artificial intelligence.

How Apple and Google plan to combat the coronavirus through contact tracing

The companies are touting a built-in technology to identify people potentially exposed to the virus, but there are challenges over effectiveness and privacy.

Verizon Media builds search engine to help researchers find COVID-19 documents

The search engine was developed using Verizon’s Vespa big data processing technology and comes in response to a nationwide open research data set challenge.

Robots assisting factory workers and retailers in fight against coronavirus

Robots are playing an integral role in efforts to keep essential workers safe and transform factories for the effort against coronavirus.

Mayo Clinic uses self-driving shuttles to transport coronavirus tests on Florida campus

Autonomous vehicles are delivering food to quarantined communities, and robots are disinfecting hospital rooms in China due to COVID-19.

New daily charts map out which states have flattened the COVID-19 death curve

None of the states with the highest COVID-related death rates such as Washington, New Jersey, New York, California, Michigan or Louisiana have flattened the curve. This data shows who has been successful.

Google Cloud launches new AI chatbot for COVID-19 information

The Rapid Response Virtual Agent program includes open source templates for companies to add coronavirus content to their own chatbots.

Coronavirus crisis gives an opportunity for AI to shine

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help slow the spread of COVID-19 and find treatments faster. But there are challenges.

COVID-19 crisis brings new visibility to IoT and building air quality

IoT devices can help detect pollution and particulates in indoor air.

Coronavirus data story tracks hot spots around the world and in the US

Analyst used Microsoft’s Power BI and public data to visualize the rise and fall of the coronavirus country by country and state by state.

COVID-19: Orthodontic company using 3D printers to make vent parts and face shields

TechRepublic’s Karen Roby talks with the president of Byte about how the company is using 3D printers to make needed healthcare supplies and sharing its teledentistry network during the coronavirus crisis.

Map shows how COVID-19 has a major impact on e-commerce

Emarsys and GoodData’s up-to-date interactive map and e-commerce insight tracking shows revenue up 37% and orders up 54%, and demonstrates how people sheltering-at-home are shopping online more.

COVID-19: How drones are working to keep the lights on so people can telecommute

Drones, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are assisting critical infrastructure workers and keeping them safe.

How tech companies are fighting COVID-19 with AI, data and ingenuity

Innovators are using droves of data, artificial intelligence, and clever ingenuity to fill gaps in the supply chain and fight the spread of COVID-19.

IBM Research releases a new set of cloud- and artificial intelligence-based COVID-19 resources

Access to the online databases is free to qualified researchers and medical experts to help them identify a potential treatment for the novel coronavirus.

MIT community weighs in to address the coronavirus pandemic

MIT introduces “COVID-19 Rapid Innovation Dashboard,” an all-hands-on-deck team effort between the five schools, to research, report, and find solutions to the coronavirus.

Coronavirus-related first responder data skyrockets in the past week

ESO’s data dashboard captures, tracks, and analyzes real-time data for COVID-19-specific EMS responses.

New dashboard simulates how masks and hand washing can stop the spread of COVID-19

Tinker with this dashboard on GitHub to see how low-tech adjustments can mitigate the impact of coronavirus.

If you share your location history, Google is tracking your quarantine activities

The new reports use Google Maps data to track activity in parks, grocery stores, and workplaces to understand how stay-at-home orders are changing behavior.

Clinical AI startup Jvion launches COVID community vulnerability map

Calling existing case data “retrospective and incomplete,” the company said the map identifies populations likely to experience severe outcomes once infected.

3D printing community fighting coronavirus by making crucial medical parts

The rapid spread of COVID-19 across the world has caused a shortage of medical supplies in hospitals, but 3D printing can close the gap.

New dashboard simulates how masks and hand washing can stop the spread of COVID-19

Tinker with this dashboard on GitHub to see how low-tech adjustments can mitigate the impact of coronavirus.

New data map shows when COVID-19 supplies will run out in hospitals

A new interactive data map from Definitive Healthcare displays hospital, bed, and ventilator capacity by US state and county.

Four new emergency response apps being used by 1.1K organizations during pandemic

ServiceNow’s new apps are helping government agencies and enterprises optimize emergency response workflows.

New COVID-19 dashboard maps give daily updates on coronavirus impact for every US county and state

Drill down into the latest data for individual counties in every US state to find out the newest information on how the coronavirus is affecting your city.

Digital coronavirus maps helping public understand the pandemic better

There are now dozens of online dashboards and maps showing exactly how COVID-19 is spreading across the world.

New coronavirus maps show effectiveness of stay-at-home orders and testing data

Business cloud company Domo created global maps showing COVID-19 infection statistics that update every 10 minutes.

Facebook, Slack and Twitter among tech companies joining WHO to launch COVID-19 hackathon

The goal is to develop software to help solve some of the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Microsoft teams up with leading universities to tackle coronavirus pandemic using AI

The newly-formed Digital Transformation Institute has an open call for proposals to mitigate the COVID-19 epidemic using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

How smart city tech is being used to control the coronavirus outbreak

CEO of Smart City Works says location-tracking efforts like those used in South Korea, Singapore, and China may offer a solution, with privacy caveats.

New coronavirus map shows which states are best at social distancing

Location data company Unacast has created an interactive scoreboard to show how social distancing is working within communities to slow the spread of COVID-19.

How AI could help in the fight against COVID-19

From developing drug treatments to predicting the next hotspot, artificial intelligence may help researchers, healthcare workers, and everyday people offset the impact of the coronavirus.

Apple partners with CDC to release new COVID-19 screening tool and app for coronavirus

The new screening tools are available online and in the App Store and provide a questionnaire to see if coronavirus symptoms warrant treatment and testing.

Technologists and healthcare workers team up for coronavirus response hackathon

The Pandemic Response Hackathon is a virtual event to bring public health professionals alongside the technology community’s talent to boost the world’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

How Tableau is making real-time COVID-19 data accessible to everyone

Tableau worked with John Hopkins data to help everyone get crucial information to fight the novel coronavirus. Mapbox, Path, Snowflake, DataBlick and Starschema have been helping Tableau with the project.

Emergency alert platform uses coronavirus data to create city-level maps

Regroup combines data from Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Washington to map confirmed cases and deaths at the city and county level.

IBM’s The Weather Channel launches coronavirus map and app to track COVID-19 infections

New COVID-19 cases can be tracked through a free online dashboard and app from The Weather Channel.

Scientists suggest governments build a mobile tracking app to trace people exposed to coronavirus

The scientists want to use a mobile app to help governments track, test and isolate people exposed to COVID-19.

Infrared AI cameras at polling places could spot voters with a fever to detect potential coronavirus carriers

Security company is using thermal imaging and AI to identify people with a temperature of 100 degrees.

10 new coronavirus maps predict how fast hospitals will hit capacity and which places are at highest risk

A CDC map identifies which communities are at highest risk for COVID-19 infections.

American cases added to 3D map showing the spread of COVID-19

The outbreak is slowing down in China while the WHO warns the rest of the world to “pull out all the stops” to control the spread of the illness.

Combating the coronavirus with Twitter, data mining, and machine learning

Social media can send up an early warning sign of illness, and data analysis can predict how it will spread.

Coronavirus: Its impact on jobs and the economy

State unemployment websites: 4 out of 5 fail mobile and accessibility tests

This failure is making it difficult for people to apply for unemployment benefits, according to a new report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF).

Accenture and Verizon announce B2B platform to match laid off workers with open positions

Human resource officers built the service to help the 16 million people unemployed due to the coronavirus.

Forrester: Best and worst case scenarios for the US tech budget amid COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is taking a major toll on the US economy, but the possible outcomes could be even more dramatic.

CFOs expect even more layoffs and furloughs as coronavirus outbreak stretches on

A PwC survey finds finance leaders at tech companies are most likely to start cutting costs and cancelling investments due to COVID-19.

Subscription businesses proving resilient as economy contracts due to coronavirus Businesses in tech and beyond are increasingly turning to a subscription model to retain customers and stay flexible amid uncertainty.

How COVID-19 is affecting employment trends

Workers are reporting fears about job security and high stress, according to recent Monster data. Here are three takeaways from the report.

Extreme demand causes unemployment systems to crash in several states

How this event can be prevented or mitigated in times of crisis, such as COVID-19.

Coronavirus to cause deep cuts in IT spending this year, according to IDC

IDC slashes its earlier IT spending predictions for 2020 with a slowdown in PCs, tablets, mobile phones and peripherals as well as server/storage and network hardware.

How COVID-19 is forcing companies to reduce workforce costs

Because of the coronavirus, many companies are enacting hiring freezes and downsizing and preparing for a second round of cuts, according to Gartner.

Employee expenses are skyrocketing and changing due to the coronavirus pandemic

Here’s how global expenses related to COVID-19 have shifted since the start of the outbreak, according to AppZen.

Tech sectors the coronavirus will hit the hardest

IT services, application software vendors, and consumer electronics may be some of the tech sectors hardest hit by COVID-19, according to GlobalData.

Gartner predicts COVID-19 will negatively impact worldwide server market for 2020

According to a Gartner report on server revenue and shipment data for Q4 of 2019, server revenue was up 5.1% and shipments increased 11.7%.

Forrester revises its tech market forecast downward in 2020

The odds of a market decline are becoming greater due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the national emergency.

Employers need to maintain workforces to prepare for after the COVID-19 slowdown

Report: Reskilling through modern apprenticeships remains important, despite the coronavirus, and companies could be making a costly mistake if they don’t prepare for when the economy returns to normal.

Job openings among 40 industries down 1.5% during coronavirus pandemic

In the wake of COVID-19, job openings in tech are up and down, with the internet and tech jobs category up a whopping 41%, Glassdoor found.

54% of workers fear layoffs due to COVID-19

A Fishbowl poll of more than 17,000 professionals shows those in advertising are the most concerned with layoffs, and lawyers the least.

Coronavirus adds uncertainty and cost to tech company supply chains

Just-in-time manufacturing and low inventory levels mean even a short disruption can cause business interruptions.

How COVID-19 is impacting job seekers and hiring managers

As the coronavirus keeps spreading, businesses are taking safety precautions with current and prospective employees.

Coronavirus: The impact on tech conferences

The latest tech conference cancellations and changes due to the coronavirus pandemic

Thousands of tech conferences around the world have been canceled or turned into digital events. Here’s the list of where to go to find the events you want to attend.

2020 tech conferences: Dates, locations, and which events are changing due to COVID-19

Tech professionals planning to attend conferences in 2020 should keep an eye on this list for coronavirus-related changes and cancellations.

4 tips for enterprise holding virtual events and digital summits amid COVID-19

The pandemic has forced every organization to move events online but it’s not always as easy as it looks. Here’s how to work out the kinks.

Two Exabeam employees at RSA conference who tested positive for COVID-19 are recovering

Exabeam’s employees are recovering from coronavirus. Both tested positive for COVID-19 after attending RSA in San Francisco.

IBM Watson offers free service to answer COVID-19 questions

The goal is to reduce wait times for requests to government agencies, healthcare organizations, and academic institutions around the world about the coronavirus.

AT&T traffic report: Voice calls, IMs, and text messages are up, email and web traffic are down

The telecom company is using AI and automation to manage traffic and activity on 4G and 5G cell sites.

How Event Farm’s tech platform is becoming a virtual conference for events

As conferences worldwide are cancelling or postponing due to COVID-19, events are shifting online. Here’s how a global event engagement platform offers a space for attendees to virtually experience the social benefits of large events.

O’Reilly eliminates its in-person events business

When other companies are delaying or deferring in-person events due to COVID-19, O’Reilly Media is closing that part of its business. Has the day of digital-only events finally come?

Apple’s WWDC 2020 conference will be online only due to coronavirus

The revamped format features an online keynote and sessions as Apple follows other companies in modifying a key event.

Microsoft’s 2020 Build developers conference shifts to virtual event due to coronavirus

Slated for May 19-21 in Seattle, Microsoft’s huge developers conference will now be available online only, as the coronavirus forces more companies to cancel in-person events.

Exabeam employees at RSA tech conference in San Francisco stricken with COVID-19

The two people who tested positive for COVID-19 may have been at the company’s booth at RSA, which drew over 36,000 people to San Francisco in February.

SXSW 2020 canceled due to coronavirus and ticket buyers will not receive refunds

SXSW was officially canceled by the City of Austin. This came after companies such as CNN, Apple, LinkedIn, IBM, Netflix, WarnerMedia, TikTok, Amazon Studios, Intel, Facebook, Twitter and Panasonic bailed on the event.

RSA: What it’s like to attend a tech conference during the coronavirus epidemic

San Francisco was the site of the RSA 2020 conference, which took place despite cancellations from IBM, Verizon and AT&T.

Google I/O 2020 latest casualty of coronavirus outbreak as tech conference cancelled

More than two months in advance, Google ditched its biggest event of the year, I/O 2020, because of the growing coronavirus threat.

GSMA cancels MWC 2020 due to coronavirus health concerns

An exodus of exhibitors from Mobile World Congress resulted in GSMA officially cancelling this year’s event in Barcelona.

Coronavirus: The impact on the tech industry, companies, and employees

Coronavirus spurring interest in biology, games, cooking, and learning

A surge in activity at specific online communities run by Stack Exchange reveals what people want to learn and do as a result of COVID-19.

IBM puts out the call for developers to fight COVID-19 during Call for Code Global Challenge

IBM, the United Nations and The Linux Foundation are asking coders, developers and software engineers to join the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic during the 2020 Call for Code.

IBM, Linux Foundation see great response from COBOL programmers

The computer giant and foundation have partnered on initiatives to pair programmers with states seeking help with unemployment systems during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5G connections could help doctors, teachers, and telecommuters during the pandemic

Supply chain issues and other coronavirus disruptions will slow down the expansion, even as demand for fast connections increases.

Apple to reopen its first store outside China amidst coronavirus outbreak

An Apple Store in South Korea will reopen on April 18 following the company’s decision to close all stores outside China due to COVID-19.

How the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the face of transportation in cities

Amid a plunge in traffic, many cities have implemented actions to help critical workers get to where they need to be more quickly and also help people move around safely.

Raspberry Pi sales have rocketed in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak: Here’s why

From ending battles over the only PC in the house to supporting 3D printing and ventilator projects, the tiny single-board computer is suddenly in great demand.

Calling all makers: The UN wants you to help protect the world from COVID-19

The COVID-19 Detect and Protect challenge is open to devs, engineers, designers, hackers, and anyone else who has novel ideas to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

COVID-19: Quantum computing could someday find cures for coronaviruses and other diseases

While supercomputers are critical to researchers today, even they can’t provide the massive computing power needed to map out the molecular structures of viruses to find cures.

NIST contest looks for new IoT tech for first responders

COVID-19, fires, floods, and other disasters need new technology. NIST’s CHARIoT Challenge is looking for the best ideas.

Balancing public safety and privacy during COVID-19: The rise of mass surveillance

One tech company is harnessing artificial intelligence, thermal imaging, and real-time surveillance data to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. However, serious privacy questions remain.

PC shipments sink in first quarter as supply fails to meet demand

Computers were in higher demand as more people work at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, but supply issues led to a drop in actual shipments.

How the coronavirus is spurring the growth of emerging technologies

The outbreak is amping up demand for drones, robots, telemedicine, virtual reality, and other aspects of technology, according to eMarketer.

COBOL programmers are in demand to fight the coronavirus pandemic

A number of states continue to run the decades-old programming language on mainframe systems–including critical unemployment claims systems.

Mobile robotics market expected to soar to $23 billion in 2021

Disinfectant and other use cases will also propel the small drone delivery market in the US to reach $414 million by 2021, and $10.4 billion by 2030, according to ABI Research.

Tech-enabled triage tents screen possible COVID-19 patients

Extreme Networks helps to expedite the installation of connected pop-up sites outside of hospitals for initial assessment of coronavirus symptoms.

PMI offers free project management courses during COVID-19 quarantines

The free tools from the Project Management Institute include courses, discussion boards, and more.

Headphones and earphones sales to spike after earlier flat projections

With remote work, home schooling, and entertainment-in-place now underway, manufacturers need to enhance user experience, said Parks Associates.

5 practical reasons to embrace artificial intelligence

AI is about more than just robots. There are several reasons that people should accept artificial intelligence, including health care fighting the current coronavirus pandemic and empowering people with disabilities.

Samsung announces video call demonstration to aid first responders

A lab test in Korea was conducted via the Amazon Web Services cloud platform using Mission Critical Push-to Talk, Data, and Video, according to the company.

If you share your location history, Google is tracking your quarantine activities

The mobility reports use Google Maps data to track activity in parks, grocery stores, and workplaces to understand how stay-at-home orders are working.

Tech companies pack the frontlines to combat the coronavirus

Innovators are using droves of data, artificial intelligence, and clever ingenuity to fill gaps in the supply chain and fight the spread of COVID-19.

How data analytic tools can provide clarity during the coronavirus pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis is causing business leaders to face difficult questions. Find out how even basic analytics tools such as Microsoft Excel can help you model future scenarios.

COVID-19 pandemic impact pushing smart home voice control devices to predicted 30% growth

Global shipments of smart home speakers will increase this year due to fear of coronavirus germs, according to ABI Research.

Major increases in web traffic for news, food, retail sites since January

The study also found huge declines in web traffic for sports and travel sites.

Sheltering at home means more game and app time, with a recent 200% uptick in usage

The latest data shows a marked increase in mobile app and game usage during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

IBM publishes COVID-19-related Call for Code starter kits

The three coronavirus-related guides for developers focus on crisis communication, remote education, and community education. Call for Code Challenge climate change starter kits are also available.

Consumer Technology Association predicts future of tech industry post-pandemic

From telecommuting to how many container ships are loading in China, the CTA has a unique position to predict from trends. Here are its projections.

Health-tech companies and social networks offer relief for older Americans during the coronavirus pandemic

Uniper-Care Technologies, Vital Vio, Porchlight, and others step up efforts to address isolation and loneliness.

Microsoft sees 775% jump in cloud services demand during coronavirus outbreak

The increase has hit such services as Microsoft Teams, Windows Virtual Desktop, and Power BI, forcing Microsoft to prioritize demand for customers most in need.

WHO campaign promotes gaming as a preferred coronavirus pandemic pastime

Activision Blizzard, YouTube and Big Fish Games are among the industry leaders launching an initiative with WHO to tout video games as a healthy activity to avoid spreading COVID-19.

Cloud platforms and AI are turning the supply chain from a cost center to a competitive advantage

SaaS is helping manufacturers and trucking companies save money and boost efficiencies by making the supply chain easier to manage and more transparent.

Verizon’s Response Team mobilizing in several sectors to ramp up communication during pandemic

Telecom provider is helping hospitals, government, and schools across the country stay connected during the coronavirus crisis.

Netflix reigns over Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney+ as most popular streaming service

Though Netflix is king, many people admit to being overwhelmed by the sheer number of streaming services available.

Data visualizations show internet usage in inner cities idled by COVID-19

Internet usage in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles and NYC has changed dramatically due to COVID-19.

How 3D printing can be used for coronavirus testing kits, masks and ventilator parts

The rapid spread of COVID-19 across the world has caused a shortage of medical supplies in hospitals, but 3D printing can close the gap.

COVID-19 impact: Smartphone production may fall 30% during first half of 2020

An ABI report predicts long- and short-term effects of the pandemic on 5G devices, smartphones, and wearables.

How supercomputers are helping speed up coronavirus research

A new COVID-19 consortium, which has entities from IBM, the White House, MIT, and others, is utilizing supercomputers to expedite treatments and a vaccine.

Business continuity plans and tech are lacking during the coronavirus pandemic

A recent study about COVID-19 emergency preparedness finds that many companies don’t have the necessary tech for telecommuters.

Apple restricts iPhone and iPad Pro purchases to two per order amidst coronavirus outbreak

Hit by apparent supply constraints, Apple is limiting orders of the new iPad Pro and the iPhone to prevent bulk ordering.

CompTIA offers remote certification exams, extends exam voucher expiration dates due to coronavirus

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the skills certification vendor is bringing secure testing environments to your living room.

YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime slashing video quality in Europe

An EU commissioner asked Netflix and Alphabet’s YouTube to lower the default quality of streams to preserve bandwidth during coronavirus outbreak, and Amazon Prime is following suit.

Global HR leaders respond to coronavirus: 48% of employers require sick leave for COVID-19

A new Gartner survey reveals how businesses handle coronavirus-imposed time off, and the prediction is that up to 30% of employees will remain remote after the pandemic is over.

COVID-19 demonstrates the need for disaster recovery and business continuity plans

The coronavirus may put organizations at risk through short staffing or unavailable workers and services, but disaster recovery and business continuity plans can help sustain business operations.

Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu AI make cloud services free during COVID-19 pandemic

In a bid to help researchers, businesses and students, the top three Chinese cloud providers have made services available free to those in need, setting a precedent for similar incidents in the future.

Facebook adds coronavirus information center and free workplace access to emergency services

During a press briefing, Mark Zuckerberg announced next steps Facebook is taking to keep platform users safe and well-informed.

Microsoft to shut down all retail stores in wake of coronavirus pandemic

Following the White House’s recommendation to avoid social gatherings in groups of more than 10, the software giant said it is temporarily closing all Microsoft Store locations effective immediately.

Here’s Hollywood’s big chance to embrace the streaming future

Commentary: With the coronavirus pandemic affecting so many people, maybe it’s time to find new ways to entertain us.

How open source might prove helpful during the coronavirus pandemic

Commentary: As bad as things may get due to COVID-19, open source just might make life a little better, at least regarding an economic downturn and possible recession.

Apple closing all retail stores, other than in China, until further notice due to coronavirus

All Apple retail stores will close until further notice, other than those in Greater China, in an attempt to slow the transmission of COVID-19.

Verizon says it won’t disconnect coronavirus pandemic-impacted customers

As the economic impact grows for COVID-19 stricken communities, Verizon is making allowances for business and residential customers.

Apple, Google, CNN, Amazon and others restrict employee travel due to coronavirus

Amazon, Apple, Google, CNN, Ernst & Young, Salesforce and others restricted employee travel to all except “business critical” trips in many instances due to COVID-19 risk.

Twitter is latest tech company to ban employee travel due to coronavirus

Twitter announced all nonessential employee travel is banned until further notice due to the coronavirus threat. This includes CEO Jack Dorsey’s SXSW appearance. Twitter also asked all employees to work from home.

Coronavirus is negatively impacting international call quality

When entire regions are quarantined, home-bound people are overloading local switches, reducing international call quality and interrupting connectivity.

Coronavirus impact on tech supply chains minimal for now

Even though the outbreak shuttered suppliers across much of China, including Apple’s, it has yet to impact customers directly.

How the coronavirus is taking a toll on tech markets across the globe

With so many tech manufacturing hubs based in China, the coronavirus tests the resiliency of international tech markets, according to the analytics company GlobalData.

Coronavirus: The impact on telecommuting

Cloud-based VPNs can ease network traffic overload due to COVID-19

Software-defined perimeters are a modern way to balance security with the demands of the mobile workforce.

Remote workers are here to stay: 4 tips to manage them effectively

Post-COVID-19, 41% of employees will work from home some of the time, according to Gartner, so managers will want to keep them happy and productive.

Remote work will be forever changed post-COVID-19

In a future that’s rife with uncertainty, one thing is clear: The work landscape after the coronavirus will be different from now on.

It only took Los Angeles 11 days to get 12,000 city workers telecommuting during the pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, LA’s IT department quickly developed a system to enable many city employees to work from home.

Microsoft: 2.7 billion meeting minutes in one day

A remote work trend report shows the staggering new use of Microsoft Teams and other products since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Deloitte highlights top 9 challenges for enterprises during COVID-19 crisis

Now’s the time for organizations large and small to return to the basics with cyber hygiene protocols, the firm’s cyber risk services leader says.

COVID-19: 55% of US workers are unhappy with employers’ response

A PeopleMetrics study surveyed employees across the US and found tech workers the most satisfied and the transportation industry and Gen-Z as the least.

3 in 4 CFOs plan to shift at least 5% of newly remote workers permanently post-pandemic

A recent Gartner survey also finds on-premise technology spending is being deferred and credit lines are being drawn down as a precaution.

How remote work is changing CIO priorities

The sudden shift to telecommunication, due to coronavirus, is forcing CIOs to rethink enterprise initiatives.

Canadian workers boost productivity working at home while European colleagues lag behind

Software-as-a-service monitoring company tracks how much time employees spend using Outlook, Excel, and Salesforce.

Experts question abrupt decision by New York City to ban Zoom from use in all public schools

The hotly debated move does little to address underlying issues many teachers and parents are having with the platform and other tools, educators say.

Zoom’s security flaws: Has it done enough to fix them?

As millions have flooded Zoom because of COVID-19, the site became a prime target for hackers. Here is how the company responded, and whether security experts think it’s adequate.

COVID-19 could forever change IT as we know it–for the better

The coronavirus crisis could force companies to embrace remote work and create a new normal.

Video collaboration projected to increase by 184% among SMBs

The pace set by early adopters is forcing other firms to invest to meet current and future market needs, according to Techaisle.

RingCentral announces new video features as interest skyrockets for work from home platforms

The company is also offering free services to educators, healthcare providers, NGOs, news organizations, and the public sector during the coronavirus crisis.

Cradlepoint provides Wi-Fi to first responders and kids during the coronavirus pandemic

The networking provider is assisting healthcare facilities and school districts in their response to COVID-19.

Technologists can help smooth the transition to remote work

IT pros are perfect for remote work, and the enterprise needs cloud architects, project managers, and experienced support desk professionals to survive the coronavirus pandemic.

FBI warns about Zoom bombing as hijackers take over school and business video conferences

Teleconferences are being disrupted by internet trolls shouting profanity and racist remarks and posting pornographic and hate images.

Adobe Summit 2020 keynote highlights new digital economy index and CXM Playbook

Adobe’s first virtual keynote highlighted the growing importance of digital, introducing new tools that prioritize the customer experience.

IBM providing 9 free public cloud business services to customers during coronavirus pandemic

With companies sending employees home to work during the COVID-19 threat, IBM offers a range of tools to support critical IT applications.

Microsoft sees 775% jump in cloud services demand during coronavirus outbreak

The increase has hit such services as Microsoft Teams, Windows Virtual Desktop, and Power BI, forcing Microsoft to prioritize demand for customers most in need.

Pandemic could shift tech support industry to telecommuting

Support get complicated as employees work from home. COVID-19 is disrupting traditional support organizations, leading to explosive growth in remote IT work.

Enterprise eLearning: Uptick in education demand during coronavirus outbreak

As more employees work from home, many are taking the time to upskill and reskill. Here are some of the most popular learning topics.

5 ways the future of work is changing, due to coronavirus

The unexpected entrance of COVID-19 is sending shock waves through the enterprise, particularly with the way people work. Here’s how this could affect our future.

Enterprise workers have “love-hate” feelings toward collaboration software

Slack, Zoom, and other collaboration apps can boost productivity and work-life balance, but 40% of employees say strict rules need to be enforced, according to Unify Square research.

Laptops are becoming harder to find in stores and online due to the coronavirus

COVID-19 is driving up demand for laptops, and many people working from home can only find less-desired models or brands.

Data-layer security is a new imperative as employees telecommute due to coronavirus

Commentary: COVID-19 has laid bare our need to take a new, more data-centric approach to security in light of more people working from home.

VPN and desktop use and employee hours spike due to the coronavirus

As more employees work from home due to COVID-19, some HR leaders note the lack of adequate technology infrastructure, according to Gartner.

The generational divide: Telecommuting during the coronavirus pandemic

Gen Z, millennials and Gen X adapt to remote work life at different rates, the National Research Group found.

Data and voice usage spike as more people work from home during the coronavirus pandemic

Americans are using their mobile phones to talk again during the COVID-19 outbreak, as voice usage is up 25%, reports Verizon.

How the coronavirus is changing internet usage patterns worldwide

School closures, remote workers, and social distancing are rapidly changing how, where, and when the internet is being used.

Dozens of companies offering free Wi-Fi and other services to those working or studying from home

With millions of people preparing to hunker down in their homes because of the coronavirus pandemic, some companies are extending help for those in search of free digital solutions.

Remote work, especially in IT, could become a permanent trend

Many companies have already figured out how to effectively communicate and manage communication among employees (who may not want to go back to an office).

Cybersecurity risks grow as thousands of federal employees shift to telecommuting

The Trump administration has ordered hundreds of thousands of federal employees to be prepared to work from home full time and use VPNs to connect to government systems.

Atlas sees surge in VPN use across Italy, US, and other countries amid coronavirus outbreak

The use of virtual private networks jumped by 112% throughout Italy in the past week.

Downloads of Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams skyrocket as enterprises move to remote work

More people are required to work or learn from home because of the coronavirus, COVID-19, prompting the need for a variety of collaboration tools.

52% of employees in some industries now work remotely due to COVID-19

The advertising industry is the most likely to switch to telecommuting, according to a recent survey, but educators are fast emerging as the most affected.

Cloud and SaaS providers prepare for increased demand as millions telecommute due to COVID-19 fears

Dozens of digital productivity and collaboration tool providers like Microsoft and Zoom have seen massive upticks in usage across China, Italy, and the US because of the coronavirus.

Twitter mandates all employees work from home during coronavirus pandemic

As the global threat heightens, Twitter changes requirements for employees to require telecommuting in an effort to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

Working from home during coronavirus outbreak: Not all employers allow it

As panic over COVID-19 heightens, only 29% of US workers have the ability to work remotely, according to Labor data.

Twitter asks employees to work from home due to coronavirus threat

Twitter is now “strongly encouraging” all employees to work remotely in addition to the ban on nonessential travel worldwide.

Coronavirus: Telecommuting tips for employees and managers

IT pro’s road map to working remotely (free PDF)

With the spread of the coronavirus, many professionals are working from home. Whether you are an employee working remotely or an executive managing a team of remote employees, this free PDF download provides what you need to know about working remotely and how to best manage remote workers.

Top 250+ tips for managing remote workers and working remotely

As telecommuting becomes the new norm, telecommuters and their managers need to acclimate to new settings, collaboration tools, and security risks.

Home office setups: The good, the bad, and the ugly of telecommuting

Millions of people are working from home as a result of the coronavirus. That said, home office setups range wildly from lavish ergonomic dream spaces to the bare necessities.

Photos: These 24 home offices show the good, the bad, and the ugly of remote work

Millions of people are working from home as a result of the coronavirus. That said, home office setups range wildly from lavish ergonomic dream spaces to the bare necessities.

Microsoft Teams 101: A guide for beginners and tips for experienced users

This guide should help if you’re trying to use Microsoft Teams to chat and collaborate virtually with co-workers, colleagues, and others.

How to adapt infrastructure to remote work: Lessons from IBM

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, IBM’s Fletcher Previn co-wrote an action guide for other CIOs.

How one analyst approaches the “soft” challenges of remote work

Here are some ways organizations can tackle trust, shifting corporate culture, employee morale, and critical processes.

How Nextcloud Hub can help you work from home

If you’re still struggling to make the work-from-home experience work for you, maybe you need your own in-house cloud server. Nextcloud could be that tool.

5 things IT teams can learn from initial weeks of telecommuting

Millions of people are working remotely due to the coronavirus. As a result, many organizations have been forced to reorganize and improvise IT strategies on the fly.

How to use Hangouts Meet to share your screen in video meetings

Learn how to use Hangouts Meet in G Suite to share screens from the web and from iOS devices while in video meetings.

How to hire a top job candidate via video conference

Video interviews can be strange not only for a candidate, but also for the interviewer. Here are some best practices for hosting online interviews.

How to nail a job interview via video conferencing

As organizations practice social distancing, the hiring process is going virtual. Here are some tips for how to land the job from afar.

13 things not to do on Zoom

Experts weigh in: Should you use Zoom filters, how to best light yourself, and how not to get hacked, among many other tips.

12 Zoom tips to improve your video conferences while telecommuting

These Zoom tutorials can help employees working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic have more productive video conferences.

6 best Zoom games for some virtual face time during the coronavirus pandemic

As the workforce shifts online during the pandemic, video conferencing tools are a key part of the digital office, however, these platforms are also great for gameplay.

How Android can assist your work from home experience

Learn how to ease your work-at-home stress a bit with the help of your Android smartphone.

5 best Zoom features you must try

Working from home but need to have a meeting? Here are five reasons Zoom is a great, free choice for staying in touch while out of the office.

How to better secure your Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol connections

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol has been saddled with security bugs and weaknesses, which means you need to take certain precautions when using RDP for remote connections.

How to right-size your company’s tech stack

The influx of remote workers is causing more organizations to reevaluate their core applications. Here’s how to make sure your team is set up for success.

6 Zoom tips to improve your video conferences while telecommuting

These Zoom tutorials can help employees working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic have more productive video conferences.

3 resources to help you master video conferences and Slack while telecommuting

Virtual meetings are the new normal, and these free downloads will help you telemeet like a pro in no time.

Top 5 remote access threats

When working from home, it’s important to understand the security risks. Tom Merritt lists five remote access threats so you can secure your system.

37 spring break staycation ideas for kids

The coronavirus means many families will be home this spring break. Kids can still be entertained with these fun activities, while parents work remotely.

6 productivity tips for staying on schedule when working from home

Remote work is the new reality in the age of COVID-19. Productivity experts offer advice on staying focused in meetings and eliminating distractions while you’re working from home.

Zoom as the go-to video conferencing option for remote work

An ever-increasing mobile workforce, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, means that video conferencing is more important than ever. Here’s how it benefits Zoom’s clients and employees.

How to safely work from home during the coronavirus outbreak

A malware expert offers telecommuters security tips about their work computer, remote access and network connections, phishing emails, and more.

Tips and mind tricks for new telecommuters

A simple checklist of remote work hacks for anyone learning how to work from home in the wake of the coronavirus.

Zoom and Comparably leaders share best practices for managing telecommuters

Enterprises are grappling with how to keep employees working from home engaged during the coronavirus pandemic. Leaders at Zoom and Comparably share tips.

Productivity tools that managers of telecommuters should check out

With so many people working from home, employers are using a variety of tools, platforms, and metrics to track productivity. Get tips on how to decide which productivity tools to use.

5 things SMB IT departments should do to survive the impact of COVID-19

The overnight transformation to telecommuting means security risks are even higher than during normal business times.

Working from home: 6 lessons learned that can help leaders in the long run

While you’re telecommuting due to the COVID-19 outbreak, be aware of what you’re learning about various tools and techniques that will also be helpful when work returns to normal.

How to control a remote computer using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection

Learn how to access and work with a remote PC using the Remote Desktop Connection tool in Windows.

Best practices for managing telecommuters during the coronavirus

Enterprises are grappling with how to keep employees working from home engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders at Zoom and Comparably share tips.

Top 5 tips for securely working from home

As working from home becomes more common for tech workers, ensuring proper security measures is important. Tom Merritt offers five security tips for employees working from home.

Telecommuting 101: How to support and manage a global remote workforce

TechRepublic and ZDNet leaders discuss the challenges associated with managing a team of people working from home.

13 etiquette tips for video conference calls

Due to the coronavirus, virtual meetings are now standard for employees working from home. Follow these video conferencing tips on staying connected and professional.

How to protect your organization from security threats amidst the rise in telecommuters

Security becomes a greater challenge as more people work from home due to the coronavirus. Learn how to better protect your organization and employees.

How to plan for a productive and professional telemeeting

If you’re working from home due to the coronavirus, these telemeeting tips will help you stay connected with colleagues and win their support.

Why is my internet so slow?

With the coronavirus causing many people to work from home, internet service may seem sluggish. Find out what telecommuters and employers can do about it.

How to keep engineering teams connected when telecommuting

As developers and engineers adapt to working from home, communication issues inevitably arise. Certain applications and practices can help alleviate those challenges.

How to deal with network security and bandwidth issues during the coronavirus pandemic

Experts discuss what precautions companies need to be taking right now that a record number of people are working outside of offices.

How HR can manage the ever-increasing remote workforce

Gartner has prepared guidelines for handling a pandemic and HR officials discuss how they are coping with the shift away from the office.

4 strategies for training and onboarding new employees during the coronavirus outbreak

As worries about COVID-19 shift work online, employers must find fresh ways to help new employees set up. Here are four expert strategies to help make the transition successful.

How to use remote collaboration now and after the coronavirus pandemic

Due to the coronavirus, the majority of IT professionals are working from home. At some future time, things may calm down a bit. Tomorrow’s question is: Can it continue?

Working from home: Lessons learned over 20+ years

Freelance tech writer Jack Wallen shares how he adapted his work-from-home environment to suit his needs and be more productive—he went from writing four articles per month to more than 70.

How to boost telecommuters’ morale during the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus is forcing companies around the globe to move toward a distributed-team model. While your employees may be working remotely, this new virtual environment doesn’t have to hurt morale.

How businesses can bolster connectivity for telecommuters during the coronavirus pandemic

As more employees work from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, organizations need to make sure their employees have the right tools to support telecommuting.

6 video conferencing platforms bringing large events online

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, large-scale conferences are being canceled. Here are six streaming tools that can offer solutions.

The 10 rules found in every good remote work policy

All companies have standards for the office, but remote work can complicate those rules. Here are 10 guidelines to help you establish a professional remote work policy.

8 communication tips for telecommuters to master

Follow this advice from Google and other tech experts to stay connected now that telecommuting is the new normal, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

5 videoconferencing tips for IT leaders during the COVID-19 outbreak

As more companies are replacing travel with videoconferencing due to the coronavirus, here’s how to set the bar as a leader.

9 home office upgrades to improve telecommuting

If COVID-19 has altered your work schedule and you’re now a telecommuter, these products will make working from home more productive and comfortable.

How to keep your mobile phone clean during the coronavirus outbreak

Your phone can spread germs between you and other people. Here are some ways to keep it clean and disinfected.

Debunking work from home myths with employees telecommuting during coronavirus epidemic

A new report from the all-remote GitLab reveals the most common mistakes made when transitioning workers from in-office to telecommuting.

How to maintain safe cybersecurity practices while transitioning workers from the office to remote workstations

With the spread of coronavirus, businesses are increasingly asking staff to work from home. We asked experts how to keep cybersecurity policies in place.

How to manage employees working from home during the coronavirus scare

Coordinating with remote workers can be challenging, especially if you’re not accustomed to it. Here are some best practices.

How to manage remote project teams during the COVID-19 outbreak

The coronavirus is having a devastating impact around the world, and it is affecting how teams work and communicate. Here are three ways your project management office can help teams stay in sync.

The biggest mistake managers make with remote workers

More employees are working remotely because of the coronavirus. Get tips on managing telecommuters so productivity doesn’t decline.

Top 5 video conferencing services to use with remote employees

GoToMeeting, Zoom, and BlueJeans are video conferencing platforms your company can use to increase productivity, cut travel costs, and protect staff from the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus: How-to tips

How Google Cloud users can combat coronavirus-themed phishing emails

Google is striving to block Gmail messages and other content that exploit COVID-19, but there are steps users can take to fight such malware.

5 steps to maintaining business resiliency during a crisis

Accenture outlines tips to keep operations running and innovate in a virtual environment.

How to host a virtual happy hour on Zoom or other teleconferencing services

Mixing work and fun while social distancing: Here are expert tips on etiquette and establishing basic ground rules.

7 ways to deal with unreasonable executive expectations during coronavirus

Once costs are cut due to COVID-19, the next quick fix is to add more work and hope it all gets done. Here’s how the rest of us can deal with it when too much work comes down the pipe too soon.

How to create the best contingency plan to minimize COVID-19 disruptions

Coronavirus is causing major business events and conferences to be canceled or postponed, which can have serious impacts on the host. Here’s how to prepare your team.

5 best meditation apps to relieve work stress

The workday is stressful enough without a global pandemic breaking out. Here are some tools to ease anxiety.

Gartner: 6 initiatives for HR to implement during the coronavirus crisis

The activities are intended to help managers maintain employee performance and engagement in the throes of a pandemic.

Top 10 e-learning options for kids

The coronavirus pandemic has caused offices and schools to close, bringing parents and children under one roof during the workweek. These online tools can keep kids occupied, while encouraging education.

How to repair your laptop as Best Buy’s Geek Squad shifts to remote service

Coronavirus has impacted Best Buy, with the retailer opting for contactless curbside pickup for sales. Here’s where to go for repair help with the Geek Squad unavailable for face-to-face appointments.

How to protect your organization and remote workers against ransomware

Phishing emails and unsecure remote desktop protocol access are two common types of attack methods used to spread ransomware, says cyber breach firm Beazley Breach Response Services.

How to better defend your organization against remote access threats

With people working remotely due to the coronavirus, cybercriminals are trying to take advantage of such tools as VPNs and remote desktop services, says security firm Radware.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus-themed malware

Attackers are using phishing emails, ransomware, and malicious apps to target people curious about the virus, says security firm Cybereason.

How SMBs can overcome business continuity challenges during the coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19 is forcing SMBs to evaluate their remote work capabilities and security. These tips and tools for SMBs will help ensure a seamless transition to the remote office.

7 steps to write a coronavirus management plan

Whether you have a general crisis management plan or not, creating one for the COVID-19 crisis can be a relatively straightforward exercise by following these steps.

How to create a business continuity plan: 5 factors to consider

If you don’t have a DR/business continuity plan, experts say to focus on these areas—communication, access, connectivity, and roles—to simplify putting one together in a hurry.

How to repair your iPhone with Apple retail stores closed due to coronavirus

Now that Apple has closed all its retail stores outside Greater China, where else can you go to fix a broken iPhone?

Don’t let anxiety over COVID-19 cause insomnia: Tech to help you sleep soundly

Sleepless nights will be a thing of the past, thanks to these tech products that feature soothing sounds, ways to adjust slumber-perfect temperatures, and more.

3 tips to be a better leader during the COVID-19 outbreak

The coronavirus is causing uncertainty for people around the world. During a crisis, employees need effective leadership more than ever.

Coronavirus: How companies can handle employee travel in wake of deadly virus

CDC defined exposure risk for airplane travelers, and firms encouraged working from home for people who had been traveling in China.

Coronavirus: The impact on healthcare

How a 2017 snowstorm prepared an Oregon hospital system for the COVID-19 pandemic

When the growing pandemic and expected work-from-home orders became apparent by March 1, the health system put the lessons learned from that snowstorm into place.

Project Florence: How AI-powered online learning is training nurses to fight COVID-19

The adaptive education program is now free for hospitals and medical professionals around the world.

AT&T offers US physicians free wireless service on first responder network

Nurses and doctors are being offered three months free on AT&T’s FirstNet Mobile Responder plan amid the coronavirus crisis.

Free medical VR training system being offered to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic

Oxford Medical Simulations is offering online VR training to help busy hospitals and medical facilities as they are being crushed by large numbers of patients during the coronavirus pandemic.

$200 million in FCC funding available to build telehealth services amid COVID-19

The coronavirus relief bill includes money to pay for hardware and services to expand telemedicine to more Americans.

Digital employee takes on tedious paperwork at hospitals

Olive combines computer vision and deep learning to handle repetitive tasks like preapproval for surgery and other healthcare procedures.

How AR is helping keep ventilators running during the coronavirus pandemic

As medical equipment technicians face quarantine or travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 crisis, they are turning to augmented reality to keep systems working from afar.

How Stratasys is helping the COVID-19 medical crisis with 3D printing

Hospitals are scrambling to get ventilators, personal protective equipment, and other medical supplies. 3D printing leader Stratasys is partnering with various companies to help fill that demand.

Telemedicine is changing the way we see doctors

Three TechRepublic reporters discuss the way the coronavirus has changed the way we do healthcare and mental healthcare.

How hospitals can be proactive to prevent ransomware attacks

The coronavirus is putting a strain on healthcare facilities and increasing cybersecurity risks. Here are steps hospital IT admins can take to prevent ransomware and safeguard patient data.

How automation is speeding delivery of COVID-19 results to hospitals

Kryon, a robotics process automation provider, helped upload COVID-19 test results from the Israeli Ministry of Health to Maccabi, one of Israel’s biggest healthcare providers, in 48 hours.

Johns Hopkins uses app to help doctors and nurses manage their coronavirus risk

Hospital employees report symptoms daily and record a short video to help spot illness and track recovery using an app from emocha Mobile Health.

Healthcare devices at higher cybersecurity risk now due to COVID-19

Much of the US healthcare system is running on outdated software and unsupported operating systems, such as Windows 7, leaving devices vulnerable to hackers actively exploiting the coronavirus.

8 ways tech pros are helping healthcare providers cope with coronavirus

Free telehealth toolkits, childcare calculators, and symptom screeners are a few of the tools and services now available to ease the burden on hospitals and doctors during the outbreak.

Hospital using chatbot to screen coronavirus patients

The chatbot, built with Microsoft services, answers questions from people about potential coronavirus symptoms.

Trump: Google is building a coronavirus website to screen for COVID-19; Google: Not exactly

Verily Life Sciences, a Google subsidiary, stated that the website is a screening tool for doctors and is planned for the Bay Area only.

How hospital CIOs can prepare for the onslaught of coronavirus patients

There are steps that IT departments can take to strengthen their technical infrastructure in advance of COVID-19’s arrival at their facility.

Coronavirus: The impact on cybersecurity

Scammers exploiting stimulus payments with phishing attacks and malicious domains

Since January, more than 4,000 domains related to coronavirus stimulus packages have been registered, many of them malicious or suspicious, according to Check Point Research.

Scammers exploit coronavirus for Business Email Compromise campaigns

Cybercriminals are deploying COVID-19-themed gift card scams, wire transfer scams, and payroll scams aimed at organizations and their employees, according to security provider Trustwave.

Dark web: Cybercriminals sell over 500,000 Zoom accounts

Since Zoom became one of the primary ways people communicate, hackers have started sharing and selling stolen account credentials.

E-commerce and home-based workers see increase of targeted fraud

With more people working from home and e-commerce experiencing a boom-time, fraudsters have taken notice.

Malicious coronavirus-themed apps target Android devices

Purporting to offer help and info on COVID-19, the apps can let hackers take control of devices to access files, contacts, the calendar, and more, according to Check Point Research.

Industries with critical infrastructure are at greater risk during the pandemic

Operational technology and industrial systems are increasingly connected to the IT network, and organizations don’t have the right tools to secure them, according to a security official.

Coronavirus-themed phishing emails and websites spoof the White House

The phishing emails led to malicious websites that used the same HTML and CSS found in actual White House sites, says email security provider INKY.

Cybersecurity experts warn of scams targeting coronavirus stimulus checks

Cybercriminals are already looking for ways to steal government assistance designed to help those struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cybercriminals, state-sponsored groups ramping up attacks exploiting COVID-19 pandemic

IntSights researchers surveyed the cyberthreat landscape, finding a wide variety of coronavirus-themed phishing lures, malware infections, network intrusions, scams, and disinformation campaigns.

Cyberattacks on the rise since the start of the coronavirus outbreak

Phishing is the leading threat exploiting COVID-19, followed by malicious websites, according to a survey of IT professionals from Check Point.

Coronavirus-themed attacks proving more successful than typical phishing campaigns

Cybercriminals have effectively changed their tactics to take advantage of the fear over COVID-19, says security provider Menlo Security.

FBI warns about Zoom bombing as hijackers take over school and business video conferences

Teleconferences are being disrupted by internet trolls shouting profanity and racist remarks and posting pornographic and hate images.

Microsoft to hospitals: 11 tips on how to combat ransomware

Hospitals are under cyberattack even as they struggle to combat the coronavirus. Microsoft is offering hospitals security tips to try to help.

Phishing emails claim recipient has been infected with coronavirus

A new phishing campaign is using the fear of being infected as a way to spread malware, as spotted by security trainer KnowBe4.

Coronavirus-themed spam surged 14,000% in two weeks says IBM

Since February, spam exploiting the novel coronavirus has jumped by 4,300% and 14,000% in the past 14 days, according to IBM X-Force, IBM’s threat intelligence group.

The dark web: Where coronavirus fraud, profiteering, malware, and scams are discussed

COVID-19 is fueling new dark web conversations about cybercriminal activity, says cyber intelligence company Sixgill.

Cybercriminals attack KEEN shoe drive for people affected by coronavirus pandemic

KEEN is providing shoes to people most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but their website was bombarded by malicious bots.

667% spike in email phishing attacks due to coronavirus fears

New data from Barracuda shows cybercriminals are taking advantage of people’s concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hackers hijacking home routers to direct people to malicious coronavirus app

The attackers are changing DNS settings on Linksys routers to redirect users to a malicious website promising an informative COVID-19 app, says security provider BitDefender.

How hackers are using COVID-19 fears to push new scams and malware

Cybercriminals may be staying home, but they’re not taking a break from phishing attempts and password hacking during the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus-related digital fraud: 22% of Americans targeted

A TransUnion report details how COVID-19 has impacted online shopping and fraud.

Hackers target World Health Organization in attempt to steal passwords

Hacking attempts against the health organization and its partners have jumped as they struggle to battle the coronavirus.

Cybercriminals now recycling standard phishing emails with coronavirus themes

The latest malicious COVID-19 campaigns are repurposing conventional phishing emails with a coronavirus angle, says security trainer KnowBe4.

Cybercriminals exploiting coronavirus outbreak with virus-themed sales on the dark web

Malicious COVID-19 domains and special virus-themed sales on the dark web are two ways criminals are using the outbreak to ramp up business, said security provider Check Point.

Libya-based hackers using coronavirus pandemic to spread mobile surveillance malware

The drastic spread of coronavirus across the world has not stopped cybercriminals from exploiting fear to hack into devices.

COVID-19 brings new security challenges and new allies, says HackerOne CEO

Commentary: Even as phishing and other attacks rise in the wake of COVID-19, white-hat hackers are readying their defenses.

CovidLock ransomware exploits coronavirus with malicious Android app

The app promises access to a coronavirus map tracker but instead holds your contacts and other data for ransom, DomainTools found.

Report: US Health and Human Services department hit by cyberattack amidst coronavirus fears

The Sunday cybersecurity attack was designed to slow down the agency’s systems as it tries to grapple with the spread of COVID-19.

Coronavirus: Hackers are exploiting the COVID-19 outbreak to steal your information

Karen Roby interviewed an expert about a different threat that COVID-19 brings.

Coronavirus domain names are the latest hacker trick

One site registered in Russia offers a coronavirus cure for $300.

Cybercriminals flooding the web with coronavirus-themed spam and malware

Hackers have expanded their exploitation of the outbreak fears with hundreds of scams and operations.

How banks can protect their customers from coronavirus-themed phishing emails

The coronavirus, which has already led to the deaths of thousands of people, is a topic that scammers are corrupting for their own purposes.

Global shipping industry attacked by coronavirus-themed malware

Hackers are using malicious emails about the coronavirus to trick people with a malware called AZORult.

Hackers using coronavirus scare to spread Emotet malware in Japan

Cybercriminals are using global fears about the virus to spread the Emotet trojan.

Coronavirus: IT policies and tools from TechRepublic Premium

Strengthen your IT security posture with policies to defend your network, data, and users

Policies make it easy to set a training plan for end users and improve risk management strategies.

Why your company needs a VPN usage policy to keep remote workers secure

Establishing a policy around VPN use can ensure that telecommuters keep company data and systems safe.

Remote access policy

This policy outlines guidelines and processes for requesting, obtaining, using, and terminating remote access to organization networks, systems, and data.

COVID-19 demonstrates the need for disaster recovery and business continuity plans

The coronavirus may put organizations at risk through short staffing or unavailable workers and services, but disaster recovery and business continuity plans can help sustain business operations.

How COVID-19 is disrupting the enterprise and what you can do about it

From cancelled tech conferences and impeded supply chains, to telecommuting and cybersecurity threats, the impact of COVID-19 on the enterprise will only escalate.

Coronavirus and its impact on the enterprise

COVID-19 has spread to multiple countries, including the United States, causing some businesses and schools to close, disrupting supply chains, and forcing some employees to work remotely from their homes.

Coronavirus: Critical IT policies and tools every business needs

Due to the coronavirus, your company might need to create, revise, or implement policies for remote work, travel, business continuity, and disaster recovery. Download these helpful resources.

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